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What Does ACT Stand For The Complete Story

What Does ACT Stand For The Complete Story SAT / ACT Prep Online Guides and Tips The ACT is now the most popular college admissions standardized test in the US, with the number of test-takers exceeding that of the SAT. But what does ACT actually stand for, and why does this actually matter? We answer all your questions in this guide. What Does ACT Mean? The ACT began in 1959, when Everett Franklin Lindquist, a professor at University of Iowa,was unhappy with the SAT for two reasons: The SAT was designed as an aptitude test – essentially, it tested your intelligence and innate capacity to learn. Lindquist thought that a college assessment test should really be testing what you’ve actually learned in school. The SAT was popular in private schools in the northeastern US (New York, Massachusetts) but not in the rest of the country and not in public schools. Lindquist believed the test should be accepted by public institutions and other schools across the country. Even though the SAT had begun over 30 years earlier and was growing in popularity, Lindquist believed he could do things better. As a result, he founded the American College Testing Program. See the ACT in there? Exclusive Bonus: What's a good ACT score, and how high do you need to score?Read our guide to find out. Lindquist designed the ACT to cover skills that you’ve learned in school. It began with four sections: English, Math, Social Studies, and Natural Sciences. It gave a composite score, just like it does now (read How is the ACT Composite Score Calculated?) Since then, the test hasn’t changed all that much, in contrast to the SAT, which has had something of an identity crisis. Here are the major milestones in the history of the ACT: 1959: The first ACT is administered to 75,460 students. 1972: Million Mark: The ACT hits 1,000,000 students taking the ACT. 1989: Redesign: The ACT undergoes a major change. The Social Studies section is changed into Reading, and Natural Sciences is changed into Science Reasoning. Both changes are an attempt to test fundamental reading and reasoning skills, rather than facts about history and science. 2005: The ACT adds an optional Writing Test. 2007: Every single college in the United States now accepts the ACT for admission. 2012: The number of students taking the ACT surpasses the SAT for the first time. At 1.85 million students, this means over half of the country’s graduates are taking the ACT. So what does ACT stand for? It started off as the American College Test, but at this point the ACT organization doesn’t formally call it that. The test is just known as the ACT. What's Next? Now that you’ve learned the history, you probably want to know how you can get the highest ACT score possible. Find out what a good ACT score is, and how to calculate your own ACT target score. Interested in free ACT practice tests? Click here for a guide on how to get every official ACT practice test available. Read our detailed guide to the best ACT prep books. Want to improve your ACT score by 4 points or more? We've written a free guide to the very best strategies you need to use:

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The Abolitionist Movement Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 1

The Abolitionist Movement - Essay Example With time however, the movement gained a great amount of importance all over the world as people began to realise the concept and value of human rights. Thus, gradually, the abolitionist movement came into power and slavery was abolished almost in all parts of the world. In the 17th century, it was under the patronage of Quaker and other evangelical persons, slavery was deemed to be un-Christian and thus religious people began to stay away from it. In the 18th century, philosophical and rationalist thinkers criticized slavery for violating human rights as they began to understand the concept of the provision of free and fair living for each man for himself. No man could be bought and sold by people and treated like dirt because every man had a right to live as he pleased, earn for himself and be entitled to food, shelter and clothing. However, despite such a revelation, slavery still prevailed in most parts of West Indies, South America as well as the United States of America. In the year 1772, the English Court under the benefaction of Lord Mansfield, held that slavery was unsupported by the law in England and Wales in respect to Somersett’s Case. ... (Mowat, Robert Balmain) In Pennsylvania, an act for the Gradual Abolition of Slavery was passed in 1780 following which both Britain and the US banned the importation of African slaves with respective Slavery Abolition Acts. Soon slaves began to gain freedom in parts of West Indies and South America as well. In the modern day and age, child and adult slavery is illegal and against international law as well. However, in many remote areas, slavery is still practised and under the purview of feudalism in Russian countries, serfs still exist. In parts of India, forced labour is still being practised too. (MacEwen, Martin) Scotland has witnessed some of the most challenging cases for the purpose of bringing about a legalization in the act of practising slavery, for example in the cases of Montgomery v. Sheddan (1756) and Spens v. Dalrympls (1769). In the year 1787 the North faced a vast amount of changes as a Committee for the Abolition of Slave Trade was formulated by William Wilberforce and this helped to campaign against slavery in the British Empire, against the Slave Trade Act of 1807. Wilberforce put in a great amount of effort into bringing about the anti slavery movement and fortunately, he was alive to see the inception of the Slavery Abolition Act which came into existence in 1833. Even though slavery had almost disappeared from the scene in the 17th and 18th centuries, a number of African and East Indian servants were imported and brought into Britain to work in the domestic environments of people. These people were different from slaves as they were not bought or sold from each other and they achieved an ascribed legal status within society after Somersett’s case came

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Enterprise resource planning systems Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Enterprise resource planning systems - Essay Example As well, the literature search involves other organizations with comparable characteristics and using industry-oriented (IERP) system (Kayas, McLean, Hines & Wright, 2008). With this understanding, a comparative analysis to assess the weaknesses and strengths of the architectures of every system and how each system has been or might have been effective in the planning processes is presented from a broad perspective. To start with is the analysis of the first two organizations, which have implemented enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. From literature, CISCO and IBM are two organizations with comparable culture; hence they have implemented enterprise resource planning (ERP) system towards realizing organizational objectives and gains in the shortest time possible (Wolfrum & Christopher, 2007). CISCO Systems is one of the organizations known to have efficient and well designed organizational system. CISCO Systems firm has always been focused in keeping a positive business culture in all its business activities through the use of enterprise resource planning (ERP) system (Lea, Gupta & Yu, 2005). As well, IBM Inc. is another firm that has implemented this type of system towards managing its business operations and enhancing effective and competent production in the global perspective. Through comparing these organizations, it is quite clear that the architectures of the systems used have some points of weaknesses and strengths, which may be effective in planning. On the points of strengths, the architecture of this systems helps to manage business operations whereas enhancing simplicity in labor force (Huang, Wang, Yu & Chiu, 2004). However, the architecture of the systems brings inconvenience at some points, given that systems are prone to malfunction. Secondly, the other two comparable organizations in terms of characteristics and use of industry-oriented (IERP) system

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The Documentary The Times Of Harvey Milk Film Studies Essay

The Documentary The Times Of Harvey Milk Film Studies Essay The documentary The Times of Harvey Milk and Michelle Teas memoir Valencia offer insight into the experiences and attitudes of San Franciscos gay and lesbian communities at two different moments in the citys history. Consider Harvey milks and Michelle Teas backgrounds, the issues they faced, their feelings about the possibility of change, and the spirit or mood of the times in which they lived. How do you think they each felt about San Francisco, and how does that affect your sense of the city. Answering the questions by Comparing and contrasting backgrounds of Harvey and Michelle, and discussing the different issues or obstacles they faced of the career decisions they made and personal issue which led them to ultimately different paths. Also answering by considering the twos feelings about the possibility of change in the future and the changes that they proceed to make; and lastly discuss the mood of the times in which they lived and the era issues which they faced. All will offer insight into the experiences and attitudes of San Franciscos gay and lesbian communities at its separate moments in history. Michelle teas back ground is somewhat similar to that of Harvey milks background from how they both migrated to San Francisco and both came from a normal nucleus families, but are different from the lifestyles they choose. Michelle tea is originally from Chelsea, Massachusetts or Boston which she referenced in Valencia, she was born in the 70s and had both her parent when she was growing up, lived in a predominantly heterosexual society, and choose to come to San Francisco to discover her sexuality. Career wise she didnt have the drive often growing tired of her jobs which led to her getting fired or quitting. In her own word she states, I was irresponsible, had no work ethic, was raised by parents who called in sick regular as weekends, (Tea 200:43). Michelles misfortunes in the work force led her to become a sex worker. Her personality background information is she is an intense, passionate loving person who can be loyal and dedicated said in another quote. I had ceased to care. My love for her was religious, it was patriotic; like god or country it was something I pledged myself to in service of something huge and perfect that I was honored to have anything to do with. (Tea 2000:45) To classify what kind of lesbian Michelle tea is I would put her in the category of being Lip-gloss Lesbian similar to a femme lesbian, but a little less feminine. She may still do manly things like watch sports and in the case of Michelle chug 40oz beers while still displaying feminine qualities. A lip-gloss lesbian is just as similar to the girl-next-door that everybody loves; who wont be viewed as hot, but cute still being able to attract men and women. She has her own sense of style i.e. looking at the outfits described in the story (Tea 2000). The lip-gloss lesbian are mostly attracted to feminine lesbians, and sometimes butch lesbians like Michelle being attracted to Wilma and Iris with her motorcycle. Harvey milks early background begins being born and raised in Woodmere, New York came from a great family and lived in a society that condoned homosexuality so he kept up a facade his whole life to avoid persecution(Epstein: 1984). Similar to Michelle Tea because he to left his home to come out of the closet in the safe environment of San Francisco gay community but during the beginning of the migrations and of the gay communitys (Epstein: 1984). Different from Michelles background was his apparent success he maintains during his employment career he had a lot of jobs being a high school teacher, diving officer, working at an insurance firm, a Wall Street firm and finally becoming a business owner of a camera store(Epstein: 1984). The background of Harvey personality was stated in the documentary that he was a friendly and outgoing person whod go out of his way for people he didnt even know(Epstein: 1984). Even with the good aspects of his personality he had bad aspects was stated that sometimes Harvey was known to throw childish temper tantrums when he didnt get his way (Epstein: 1984). Im not sure how to categories his sexual background in terms of homosexuality probably in the middle of a dominant (butch) and submissive (femme) homosexual. The Issues Harvey and Michelle faced where sever but of different types. Harvey issues were discrimination based on sexual orientation (Briggs initiative) and Government interference in private sexual matters mainly Police persecution of gay establishments like bars, bathhouse and others in San Francisco (Miller 67:1994). Apparently Oral sex was consider a felony, and during the 1970, almost 90Â  people in San Francisco were arrested for the act, such persecution was so severe that homosexuals Faced eviction if they were caught having homosexual sex in a rented apartment (Miller 67:1994). Homosexual men were embarrassed and unwilling to face arrest in gay bars and other establishments, so they turned to having sex in public parks at night (Miller75:1994). Author Neil Miller of the history of gay and lesbian states that, In 1971, over 2,800Â  gay men were caught and arrested for having public sex in San Francisco parks. Compared with New York City who recorded only 63 arrests for th e same offense that year and was at the time the current record holder and had the largest population; therefore Any arrest for such a lewd public charge required immediate registration as a sex offender(miller 77:1994). Issues that Michelle Tea faced was more personal and some of the issues involved where a major problem during her time period. The personal issue was her employment issue of holding down jobs and figuring what she wanted to do or more like she wanted to work less and make a quick buck. She chooses to take an easy route of selling her body for money as most women did. She personally struggled to come to terms of being a prostitute, I could whore. I had done it, vowed I would never do it again because it was so gross and weird. (Tea 2000:46) The community issues of her time were the problems of drugs and sex causing people to contract STDs, overdosing off of drugs and depression people suffer from resulting in them committing suicide. Considering Michelle Tea and mainly Harvey Milks feelings about the possibility of change for the future is that Michelle made no reference to change that had no desire at the moment and Harvey Milk who had a grand vision for ideas to change the future (Epstein 1984). Only reference of change that took place in Michelle teas life was who she virtually slept with. Harvey Milk change ultimately came when he took up in the involvement in political and civic matters. When Harvey came up against civic problems and policies he disliked; he felt it was his duty to change the problems for the betterment of the people (Epstein 1984). One incident infuriated him about politics when a teacher came into his camera store and asked if a projector could be loaned to him/her because the equipment in the schools were malfunctioning (Shilts 88:1982). Harvey believing it should be city assemblys main priority rather than anything else. Milk decided that the time had come to run for city supervisor He s aid later, I finally reached the point where I knew I had to become involved or shut up (Shilts 67:1982). One the first change Harvey felt need to be put into effect was he and other gay business owners needed better representation , as a result founded the Castro Village Association, as milk as the president using the philosophy that gays should buy from gay businesses(Epstein 1984). This was the result of when two gay men tried to open a business and the Eureka Valley Merchants Association (EVMA) attempted to block them from receiving their business license and also discriminating towards selling to gays (Epstein 1984). The community changes that Harvey initiated caused non gay citizens and the non gays business owners to stop discriminating against gays or to move out, creating what is known as the predominately gay community of the Castro today(Epstein 1984). Milk had failed many times in his election for a bid in san Francisco politics he had shown great leadership in the small community of Castro District (Epstein 1984). Harvey felt he was starting to be taken seriously as a candidate but not serious enough and decided to run again for supervisor with a different approach (Epstein 1984). He reconsidered the approach of looking more professional as he used to look back as his day as a stock broker and cut his long hair, stop smoking marijuana, and started to wear business suits again. Harvey Milks new approach earned him the support of the teamsters, firefighters, and construction unions (Epstein 1984). Harvey changed his Castro Camera from a small rinky dink shop to become the center of activity in the neighborhood (Epstein 1984). Milks fiery, flamboyant speeches and savvy media skills earned him a significant amount of press during the 1973 election. He earned 16,900Â  votes-sweeping the Castro District and other liberal neighborhoods and coming in 10th place out of 32Â  candidates (Shilts 67:1982). One of Harveys last changes was the possible manipul ation of reorganizing to allow districts to elect their own supervisors which allow him to win a seat on City assembly (Epstein 1984). The spirit of the mood of the city during the times of Harvey milk and Michelle Tea were different because they were set in different time periods. The mood of the city was more radical for both of them because of the 60s radical change or revolution. During Harveys time 10 years after the 60s, the mood of the city was just starting to unravel it was the 70s and San Francisco was becoming the hotspot for or destination for homosexuality. Thousands upon millions of gay men and women were migrating to San Francisco to openly express their sexuality (Epstein 1984). Also during the time of Harvey the spirit or the mood of San Francisco was probably a lot raunchier and sexually open because they did not quite know about AIDS and the repercussion of unsafe sex. The Castro the main gay community was just starting to get its beginnings and was being fought for. Michelle Teas era of San Francisco was probably based in the late 90s as of the reference she made of crack cocaine, Where is Waldo, and finally the reference about O.J Simpson that was a clear giveaway. The mood of San Francisco was that of awareness because of the AIDS and other STD epidemics going around people werent as raunchy or having polygamous sexual relationships. The gay community also had its issues with drugs; suffering already from heroin which was already around since the 70s in the Castro but with the invention of crack cocaine, Methamphetamine and the rise in popularity of powder cocaine effectively altered the mood of San Francisco gay environment. The Castro during the 90s was by Michelles time a predominately gay community with its own businesses and residents. I believed that Michelle Tea and Harvey Milk each felt or thought about San Francisco as a safe haven for their sexuality were they could openly express their homosexuality and not be persecuted Because in the environment they were in everyone was gay; if not people learned to accept their homosexuality for what it was. This reinforces my view of the city as being open minded and liberal giving me a sense of pride of being a native in such an almost free place.

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Essay on Contrasting Settings in Hardys Tess of the dUrbervilles

Contrasting Settings in Hardy's Tess of the d'Urbervilles The setting or settings in a novel are often an important element in the work. Many novels use contrasting places such as cities or towns, to represent opposing forces or ideas that are central to the meaning of the work. In Thomas Hardy's novel, Tess of the d'Urbervilles, the contrasting settings of Talbothays Dairy and Flintcomb-Ash represent the opposing forces of good and evil in Tess' life. A significant portion of the novel taks place at Talbothays Dairy, which represents the force of good in Tess' life. At Talbothays, the air is "clear, bracing, and ethereal"; the river flows like the " pure River of Life" and the air "set up [Tess'] spirits wonderfully." The author describes the valley as a kind of paradise, with clean, fresh air and a flowing river. Upon entering the region, Tess reaches an emotional high encouraged by the beautiful atmosphere. At Talbothays, the milkers form "a little battalion of men and women," often "singing songs to entice the cows...

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Abstract Apple Inc

Abstract Apple Inc. is one of the world’s largest technology companies dealing in computers and consumer electronic products. Founded in 1976 by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniack Apple is now a multinational corporate empire who recently boasted a $15. 7 billion in revenue in the third quarter of 2010.This study’s objective is to carry out a strategic analysis of Apple Company using different analysis tools. The study aims to cover factors that exist in its internal and external environment and also evaluate how the company utilizes its resources to maintain competitive advantage in the market.Three different descriptive strategic tools will be used in this study includes SWOT Analysis, PESTLE Analysis and Resource Based View (RBV). The findings from these analyses are used in making conclusions on the study question.From this study it’s clear that Apples extensive brand equity, strong leadership of CEO Steve Jobs, Innovative research & development, fashionable & tre ndy image of its products and the strong branding & customer loyalty forms a great part of its strengths.However this study highlights the rushing of products into the market followed by quick product recalls and the many legal cases the company has been involved in as the major threats. Apple’s ‘iphone’ is the company’s attempt to utilize the available opportunity resulting from the increasing demand for ‘smart phones’.Apple Inc is threatened by poor quality output from its suppliers and the tight market for personal computers. The study recommends product testing be speeded up and the company to find alternatives ways to settle these legal cases to ensure Apple Inc maintains its competitive advantage in the technology market.

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Understanding Logic And Reason Behind Everything - 996 Words

Professor Joel Bettridge Ways of knowing April 12, 2016 Acting for a Reason Trying to understand logic and reason behind everything can be complicated. Some old mathematicians believe, for instance, that we cannot represent the greatest number, if it exists, because N+1 or when adding 1 to the greatest number, N will no longer be the highest number. Similarly, morality makes sense only as long as it remains in the practical domain. Generally, there are two important factors that affect our moral actions which are rationality and reason. Rationality is the way of analyzing the relationship between cause and effect, but reason is just an approach that is used to understand what the moral and immoral actions are. Some people may say we act morally because it makes our society function better, as well as our and other’s lives. Others may believe that acting morally can be due to the existence of religion and God, to whom we owe obedience and calls us to follow his moral commandments. These reasons make differences in relativeness which can differ from per son to person. There are different moralities in different situations. In other words, when someone sees certain beliefs from other person’s reasoning, he may see them as immoral. Accordingly, a rational person may use reason to justify the immoral actions. According to Kantian ethics, actions should be reason-based or rational to be ethical. In other words, the rational behavior is the most ethical when it is reason-basedShow MoreRelatedEthos And Pathos In The Achievement Habit By Bernard Roth958 Words   |  4 Pagesor to trust them or not. In the novel â€Å"The Achievement Habit† written by Bernard Roth, while still showing emotion towards his audience, Roth makes sure to have reliable credentials and logic behind his reasoning. Roth has a passionate attitude and strong morals about what he preaches in chapter two, â€Å"Reasons are Bullshit† that is reassuring and fitting to the reader. His communication is established through personal relations and stories, professionalism, and awareness. A paradigm is the wayRead MoreDescartes and God Essay820 Words   |  4 Pagesdebates on many things. Logic is often employed in order to understand and come to an agreement on these debated topics. One such topic, which is arguably the greatest topic of debate occurring in modern day, is the existence of God. Sure, many people believe in some sort of higher being, but how many of them try and use logic and rational thought to prove the existence of God. Many probably, however we will only look at one such person. Rene Descartes attempts to use his own logic to come up with theRead MoreMaterialism And Rationalism Of Ancient Greek Philosophers1027 Words   |  5 Pagesmaterial interaction. Everything is made up o f something. Because of this, Materialists believe that matter is primary and spirit body ideas were secondary. Materialisms explains there is a world outside of the mind and how our mind is just a part of it. This paradigm was supported by an example of materialism can be shown through the Milesian school. The Milesians first laid down the foundations of Materialisms by removing the gods from famous stories and looked at the nature behind the destruction theRead More Nature of Logic and Perception Essays1127 Words   |  5 PagesNature or Logic and Perception Outline: 1. Definition of logic and its connection with critical thinking. 2. An everyday example is given when use of logic and critical thinking takes place. 3. Nature of logic defined. 4. Perceptual shortcuts and factors influencing it. 5. How these shortcuts affect our decisions. 6. My personal experience of perceptual shortcut. 7. What I learned from this experience. 8. Importance of logic and critical thinking. 9. Read MoreSaint Anselm, A Strong Believer On The Existence And Essence Of God1534 Words   |  7 Pagesexample of the nature of the God that crafted it. Sometimes, Christian’s aren’t always called to understand everything about this world and the things beyond it. Yes, they are called to seek wisdom, like in Proverbs when it says one needs to, â€Å"[make their] ear attentive to wisdom and inclining [their] heart[s] to understanding; yes, if you call out for insight and raise your voice for understanding, if you seek it like silver and search for it as for hidden treasures, then you will understand the fearRead MoreAn Alternative Form Of Implication1562 Words   |  7 Pagesthe sense of classical logic, we can derive the statement q from p, or namely p implies q. And as such, implication can be seen in classical logic within the format of antecedent,horseshoe,consequent or antecedent,arrow,consequent (P âŠÆ' Q (P - Q). I will delve into the following topics in regards to whether it is necessary for an alternative form of implication, namely strict implication. Such as, the properties of strict implication and its uses within modal logic, other logics and how they interactRead MoreGalileo on religion and science Essay1657 Words   |  7 Pagessuggesting that the truth can only be sought out if the notion under consideration can be accurately tested and if the opposing view can be founded as false. Galileo’s goes into depth about the truth of scripture and the sciences, intertwined with the reason of man, in his letter to Christina of Lorraine, Grand Duchess of Tuscany. Early on in the letter Galileo, infers from St Augustine that the Holy Ghost did not intend to teach â€Å"how heaven goes† rather â€Å"how one goes to heaven†. Galileo interprets thisRead MoreThomas Paine And The Undermining Of American Democracy1012 Words   |  5 Pagesdemocracy, then that religion should be based on reason and logic. Any other religion that isn’t based on those principles would undermine American democracy. The religion that Paine is advocating and referring to is called deism . Paine gives a depiction of deism with this passage, â€Å"The true Deist has but one Deity; and his religion consists in contemplating the power, wisdom, and benignity of the Deity in his works, and in endeavoring to imitate him in everything moral, scientifically, and mechanical.† Read MoreThe Underground Man Essay971 Words   |  4 Pagesthat he abhors was the way in which progressive thinkers of his era worship reason. This was amusing because at the same time, he does not entirely reject reason. From analyzing the text, it is apparent that the Underground Man values reason, but he also sees it as incomplete and an underestimation of the power of free will. The Underground Man’s is not extreme, but quite moderate, because he does see values in reason, and he constantly exhibit logical thinking in his words. For instance, he emphasizesRead MoreThe Difference Between Truth And Belief1585 Words   |  7 Pagespositive thing, and do not get me wrong, it can be. I am not trying to say that faith is bad, what I want to make clear is that faith is secondary. I do not consider myself one without faith, I just feel like I have come to a somewhat unconventional understanding of faith. Or perhaps just a new, slowly growing grasp on it. Faith does not necessarily have anything to do with religion. For many, faith and religion are two separate things. But I do think it is far easier to explain faith when using religion